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Observation by Gary Poyner: PQ And

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Gary Poyner


Gary Poyner


2020 Aug 06 - 15:31


2020 Aug 06 - 15:38



  • 22cm f6.2 newtonian
  • Slooh Canary 2 & 4
  • Open University COAST

Birmingham and Mt. Teide

Target name

PQ And


PQ And

About this image

As it had been 32 years since I last saw PQ And, I thought I'd make the effort to record it in a bit more detail this time.  The visual observations were made with a 22cm reflector, as I couldn't get the 51cm onto the low north easterly field.  CCD images were obtained remotely.

The outburst proved to be exceptional, lasting for three weeks before fading.  There then followed five 'post outburst brightenings' - three short and two long, before slowly fading to magnitude 17.  This is still three magnitudes above the pre-outburst quiescent level, so I'll stick with it to see how long it takes to get to mag 20.

Martin Mobberley also made an excellent series of observations...

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