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Observation by Alan Snook: Refurbishing the 3.5m dome - walls

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Alan Snook


Alan Snook


2020 Sep 04 - 19:08


2020 Sep 04 - 19:29






Refurbishing the 3.5m dome - walls

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Here we are fettling the eight 45-degree wall panels. Look closely at the panel on the left and you will see the big Saturn motif that appears on four alternate panels. The batting order is (1) pressure wash to remove the worst of the krud (2) strip off the old, perished jointing gaskits and glue with acetone (3) a good buffing-up all over with CIF and finally (4) a wash-off with boat detergent. The three panels that were on the north side of the original set-up are in very good condition. The three that were located on the south side have considerable, stubborn Sun damage which is responding only reluctantly to cutting compound applied with a mop on a random-orbit sander. The condition of the other two is somewhere in between.

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