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Observation by John Hughes: Messier 27 - the "Dumbbell"

Uploaded by

Paul Downing, FRAS


John Hughes


2020 Sep 09 - 22:00


2020 Oct 17 - 10:32


The Apple Core Nebula (M27)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 19h59m
Dec: +22°42'
Position angle: -45°20'

Field size

0°36' × 0°24'

  • 12.5 inch Planewave scope
  • SBIG Universal camera

30 subs at 5 minutes each for Ha. 28 subs at 5 minutes each for Oiii


Nerpio Observatory, Spain

Target name

Messier 27


Messier 27 - the "Dumbbell"

About this image

John mentions that, earlier this year he began subscribing to iTelescope so he would be able to image during poor UK winters.  He decided to attempt imaging M27 using iTelescope and their observatory in Nerpio, Spain. As well as having the benefit of dark skies, the equipment available is stuff dreams are made of.

This is John's excellent rendition of M27 in the HOO palette. Hydrogen Alpha is assigned to the Red channel and Oxygen 3 to the Blue channel. For Green he blended 30% Ha with 70% Oiii.

This is an excellent example of the whirling maelstrom surrounding these objects, rather than the pretty shapes and rings we are used to seeing in these images.  The image was processed using PixInsight

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