Observation by Martin Ratcliffe: Phobos detected

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Martin Ratcliffe


Martin Ratcliffe


2020 Sep 15 - 15:42


2020 Sep 17 - 00:42



  • C14 Edge HD
  • ASI 290MM
  • Baader filter set



Valley Center, KS, USA

Target name

Mars and Phobos


Phobos detected

About this image

While imaging Mars, I noticed from the Winjupos app that Phobis was exiting a transit and would be close to the martian limb. I set an exposure that far overexposed Mars, and recorded 30 seconds. The usual processing was done followed by an extreme curves stretch in Photoshop and there Phobos appeared. In this image I show a diagram from Winjupos with one of my Mars images taken close to the same time period - and I layered a similar image into the correct location of Mars. Stacked in Autostakkert!3 and wavelet processing in Registax. First time I have captured this moon.

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