Observation by Luigi Morrone: Neptune

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Luigi Morrone


Luigi Morrone


2020 Oct 20 - 20:39


2020 Oct 27 - 14:31



  • C14 Edge HD Fornax52 mount ASI 290 mono R+IR>610nm

Agerola - Amalfitan Coast -Italy



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Neptune October 20th


Neptune under quite good seeing conditions and transparency.Some cloud/albedo features can be seen. In particular a bright patch in the Southen Polar region is visible. The images have been captured through an R+IR 610nm longppass filter.

Unfortunately during the session the seeing was degraded and i have not be able to take other images.

C14 Edge HD Fornax52 mount ASI 290 mono


Agerola-Amalfitan Coast-Italy

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Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis, 2020 Oct 27 - 16:51 UTC

Hi Luigi,
Did you get a chance to do a time-separated giff animation to see if the features rotate with the planet? That would help decide whether the features are real or not.

Luigi Morrone
Luigi Morrone, 2020 Oct 27 - 18:17 UTC

Hi Martin,

i have preparered a GIF animation, taken into account the two Image but i am not able to attach the file here.

If you have an email i can send it to you.

Many thanks


Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis, 2020 Oct 28 - 00:04 UTC

Hi Luigi,

Just sent you a PM


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