Observation by David Strange: Nova Per 2020

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David Strange


David Strange


2020 Dec 07 - 12:24


2020 Dec 08 - 12:25


Nova Per 2020

  • C9 + ZWO ASI 183MM
  • Star Analyser

Salcombe Regis

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Nova Per 2020


Nova Per 2020

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Normalised spectrum of Nova Per 2020

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Philip Masding
Philip Masding, 2020 Dec 08 - 22:51 UTC

David, I also took a spectrum of this with a star analyzer and got a similar result.  In particular I got the feature between  H beta and H gamma.  Do you know what it is? It doesn't appear to be on some other results I've seen. Cheers Phil 

Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2020 Dec 08 - 23:21 UTC

The ARAS web site is a good source of high res spectra with lines identified.  Have a look at the spectrum for nova Cas 2020 on that site.  Looks like the feature you mention is a group of lines due to FeII.


Robin Leadbeater
Robin Leadbeater, 2020 Dec 09 - 00:08 UTC

Yes it is a blend of lines which looks unexpectedly intense relative to the the Balmer lines because the Balmer lines are narrower than the Star Analyser resolution so are reduced in height. compare for example with a recent spectrum by David Boyd in the BAA spectroscopy database 


overlaid on a Star Analyser spectrum here


David Strange
David Strange, 2020 Dec 09 - 14:31 UTC

Thanks all. I was wondering what that emission was as well!


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