Observation by Manolo Rodriguez: Neptune - Animation

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Manolo Rodriguez


2019 Sep 28 - 21:53


2020 Dec 14 - 17:20



  • C11 XLT on SW AZ-EQ6 GT mount - ZWO ASI 290MM camera - Baader RG610nm filter - TeleVue Powermate x2 - 2"

2x10min videos - 40ms exposition


El Pedroso, Seville, Spain


Neptune - Animation

About this image

It is an image of the last season 2019 that I wanted to share on these pages. Through this type of animations it is possible to better highlight details / features in the atmospheres of these distant planetary objects, in this case a scattered spot in the south polar zone of the frozen giant and a spot in the eastern limb of the northern hemisphere that disappears with the spin of the planet.

The position of Triton (not true image) is deduced from the raw stack of the corresponding video, forcing in brightness and contrast to make it evident and signalable, likewise this position serves us for the calibration / measurement of the image in WinJupos

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