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Observation by Peter Tickner: Great Conjunction reprocessed

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Peter Tickner


Peter Tickner


2020 Dec 20 - 16:34


2020 Dec 23 - 00:02



  • ZWO ASI174MM mono CMOS camera
  • 80mm f/6 triplet APO
  • Camera tripod

Urban Berkshire

Target name

Jupiter and Saturn the day before the Great Conjunction


Great Conjunction reprocessed

About this image

At the risk of overkill I went back to the short videos I'd taken on 20th December and realised that I had managed to capture the Galilean moons (along with a star in line with them) clearly in one video a minute after the stacked video image I previously posted.     I had a tricky observation point as my observatory is blocked from any view low to the South West and I am surrounded by houses.  In the end an upstairs bedroom with a makeshift bolt on of the 80mm scope to a camera tripod acted as an unstable but reliable mechanism for taking some short images without any filters. 


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