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Observation by Nick James: Solar eclipse video

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Nick James


Nick James


2020 Dec 14 - 16:10


2020 Dec 24 - 21:32

  • ASI183,500mm f/8 Tamron SP
  • Panasonic TM700 camcorder
  • GoPro Hero 6

Fortin Nogueyra, Argentina

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Solar eclipse


Solar eclipse video

About this image

I've just finished editing up my video of the 2020 December 14 TSE obtained at the very windy but clear Astro-Trails site near Piedra del Aguila, Argentina.

The original footage is 4K and the Youtube video is a bit over-compressed but it gives a nice impression of the site and the eclipse:

I was using three cameras:

- An ASI183 with a 500mm, f/8 Tamron lens. This gave nice, high resolution images but the rolling shutter was always going to be a problem in these windy conditions. Large sensors with electronic global shutters are not common. This camera gave 5.5K x 3.5K, 12-bit images at around 7.5 fps.

- A Panasonic TM700 camcorder operating at x12 zoom.

- A GoPro Hero 6 operating at 4kx3k,, 25 fps.

I also had a Sony A7s running with a 100mm, f/2 lens and you can hear this clicking away on the soundtrack. This was the camera that picked up the two eclipse comets.

It was a beautiful eclipse and we were incredibly lucky to be there given the circumstances. Many thanks to Astro-Trails for making this happen.

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