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Observation by Kevin Gurney: Spectral dynamics in Nova Per 2020

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Kevin Gurney


Kevin Gurney


2021 Jan 06 - 20:45


2021 Jan 11 - 17:39

  • Celestron C11
  • Lhires 600 l/mm
  • Atik 460EX

300s subs



Target name

Nova Per 2020: V1112 Per


Spectral dynamics in Nova Per 2020

About this image

I had taken a couple of low resolution spectra of the nova in Perseus using an Alpy 600 and thought I would try my hand at resolving detail in the Ha line usingĀ  a higher resolution. The 'medium resolution' grating (600l/mm) promised to do this and show any nearby features too. It transpires there was nothing outstanding near Ha, but I think I have captured some of the dynamics of the Ha line over three observations. The most recent spectrum suffers from interference from thin high cloud - hence the noise - but the main features at Ha are clear I think.

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