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Observation by Martin Mobberley: Comet 141P Machholz plus fragment on Jan...

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Martin Mobberley


Martin Mobberley


2021 Jan 14 - 01:53


2021 Jan 14 - 11:07


141P Machholz

  • C11 RASA at itel New Mexico

4 x 120s colour camera ZWO ASI 2600 MC Pro


New Mexico

Target name



Comet 141P Machholz plus fragment on Jan 14th

About this image

A highly stretched image of 141P Machholz and its faint fragment. I have labelled this 'B', which may or may not be correct, but it's the brightest fragment and corresponds to 'B' when using Guide with Gideon Van Buitenen's elements. I've also labelled galaxy PGC 1457 to avoid it being mistaken for another fragment!

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