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Observation by Martin Lewis: Mars 2020 Albedo Map

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Martin Lewis


Martin Lewis


2021 Jan 15 - 11:36


2021 Jan 15 - 11:50



  • 444mm Dobsonian
  • ASI174MM plus 642nm filter
  • ASI224MC for 20th Sept section

St Albans, UK

Target name



Mars 2020 Albedo Map

About this image

Here are the fruits of several weeks work to produce my 2020 Aldedo Map of Mars. Map was assembled in Winjupos from images taken on seven dates from 14th Sept. to 26th Nov. 2020. Blending was done in PaintShopPro merging overlapping adjacent section using a graded opacity method to remove the joins. This is a monochrome map as all images were with IR filter (or red channel for 20th Sept) but the map has been colourised for aesthetic reasons.

The production of this Map was just possible with the images I managed to obtain from my back garden when Mars was closest to Earth. It was a tight run thing - the weather during some parts of the apparition was not great I could easily have missed one date due to the weather and a complete map would not have be possible. Glad I got there in the end though.


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Manolo Rodriguez
Manolo Rodriguez, 2021 Jan 16 - 09:17 UTC

Great job, Martin, My congratulations

Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips, 2021 Jan 16 - 16:11 UTC

Fantastic stuff Martin, a real achievement. A lot of hard work and I always enjoyed seeing your Mars images. 

Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis, 2021 Jan 17 - 10:44 UTC

Thanks guys,

Yes the blend operation is a difficult task to make it seamless without accidentally changing features but a gradient mask does a great job. Labelled version in the pipeline.