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Observation by Martina McGovern: M45 Pleiades (Seven sisters) Cluster

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Martina McGovern


Martina McGovern


2021 Jan 30 - 21:00


2021 Feb 20 - 20:33



  • SharpStar 100Q II (Focal length 580mm, Focal Ratio f/5.8) refractor
  • SkyWatcher HEQ5 PRO
  • ZWO ASI294MC Pro, main camera
  • ZWO ASIAir Pro, ZWO EAF (Electronic Automatic Focuser)
  • ZWO 30mm Guide scope, ZWO ASI120MM mini, Guide camera
  • Optolong L-Pro Broadband filter

Total exposure time; Approx 3hrs of data with L-Pro; Subs of 60sec & 180sec + Darks, Flats & Dark flats. Main Cam Gain 100, Camera T -10C


Near Cambridge city UK, Bortle approx 4

Target name

M45 Pleiades (Seven sisters) Cluster


M45 Pleiades (Seven sisters) Cluster

About this image

Imaged over two nights, 30th Jan21 and 3rd Feb21.

It’s my first serious attempt at this beautiful object. I really want to get a wider field of view of this DSO to truly do it justice – one day I will.


Processing; Deep sky stacker, PixInsight with final tweaks in Photoshop and Topaz DeNoise.

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