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Observation by John Hughes: Messier 97

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John Hughes


John Hughes


2021 Feb 28 - 21:35


2021 Mar 03 - 21:52



Planetarium overlay


Ursa Major

Field centre

RA: 11h14m
Dec: +55°01'
Position angle: +2°51'

Field size

0°33' × 0°26'

  • StellaLyra RC8
  • ZWO ASI1600mm Pro Cool
  • SkyWatcher EQ6R-Pro
  • Chroma 1.25” 3nm Ha filter

300 s exposure, Gain 139, Offset 30


North Essex

Target name

Messier 97


Messier 97

About this image

Last year I purchased a 8 inch Ritchey Chretien scope and have spent several months trying to get it collimated. In the end I reset the primary mirror, collimated as close as I could by eye using a Cheshire then made the remaining adjustments using an out of focus star.

A subsequent test run was undertaken capturing Messier 97 shown here. The image was then uploaded to to see whether the native focal length was out or not. Thankfully the report back revealed a focal length of 1,604 mm compared to a factory setting of 1,600 mm. I will take that result.

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