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Observation by Kevin Gurney: Spectra of fainter Be star

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Kevin Gurney


Kevin Gurney


2021 Feb 28 - 20:00


2021 Mar 05 - 22:42



  • Celestron C11
  • Alpy600
  • Atik 460EX
  • Focal reducer 0.63x

12 subs, 300s each


West of Sheffield

Target name

BeSS targets magnitude fainter than mag 10.5


Spectra of fainter Be star

About this image

The BeSS database of Be spectra is dominated (in observation
frequency) by the brighter objects that avail themselves of higher
resolution spectra. However, I noticed that, for some of the fainter
objects (typically mag 10 or more) there appear not to have been any
spectra reported.

The image shows four such objects taken at low resolution with the
Alpy600. The left hand panel shows the 'basic' (instrument corrected)
spectra, all normalised  in the same wavelength range (6650A-6670A).

The left hand panel shows rectified versions (continuum
removed) and with a limited y-axis to highlight detail (at the expense
of losing the H_alpha peaks).

There is considerable variation in the height of the H_alpha emission
and the structure of the Balmer lines at other wavelengths. BD+61 154
also shows interesting behaviour in the range 4800A-5500A

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