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Observation by David Davies: NGC 2419 - The intergalactic Wanderer

Uploaded by

Paul Downing, FRAS


David Davies


2021 Feb 05 - 23:00


2021 Mar 18 - 22:07



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Field centre

RA: 07h38m
Dec: +38°52'
Position angle: -0°07'

Field size

0°26' × 0°20'

  • 200mm Ritchey-Chretien at 1660mm focal length
  • QSI 683 with Astrodon filters and a Lodestar as an off-axis guide camera

15 x five-minutes of RGB


Cambridge, UK

Target name

NGC 2419


NGC 2419 - The intergalactic Wanderer

About this image

NGC 2419 was discovered by William Herschel on December 31, 1788. It differs from most other globular clusters in that it is so distant from the centre of the galaxy that it was thought not to be in orbit about the galaxy and thus earned the nickname 'The Intergalactic Wanderer'.  Studies of it now reveal that its orbit takes it out beyond the Magellanic Clouds and it takes three billion years to make one trip around the galaxy. It is at a distance of about 300,000 light-years from the solar system and at the same distance from the galactic centre. It presents a dim disc 4.5' across and has a magnitude of around 10. The brightest foreground stars in this image are around magnitude 8 but the brightest individual stars in the cluster itself are around magnitude 15.

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Davide Pistritto
Davide Pistritto, 2021 Mar 19 - 11:24 UTC

I've never seen any granulation on this cluster, not even with a 24" telescope. Were anyone of you able to?

Mike Foylan
Mike Foylan, 2021 Mar 23 - 12:50 UTC

This is an amazing image. I tried to image this globular cluster with my 200mm SCT but not as successfully so well done indeed. Amazing to know that when the light left this cluster that we see now both Ireland and UK were mostly under a large mass of thick ice!

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