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Observation by John Hughes: Messier 82

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John Hughes


John Hughes


2021 Apr 06 - 21:50


2021 Apr 10 - 12:58



Planetarium overlay


Ursa Major

Field centre

RA: 09h55m
Dec: +69°41'
Position angle: +179°57'

Field size

0°37' × 0°27'

  • StellaLyra RC8
  • ZWO ASI1600mm Pro Cool
  • SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro
  • ZWO OAG & ASI290mm mini
  • Chroma 1.25” LRGB filters

Gain 139, Offset 30


North Essex, UK


Messier 82

About this image

This was the second outing with the RC8 this time taking a look at Messier 82. 

In 2020 I captured this galaxy along with Messier 81 with my 4” refractor and when I purchased the RC8 I really could only think about pointing it towards M82 first. That starburst region is so dramatic.

This image was captured during one night and is presented in LRGB. Exposure time was 120s across each filter with a total integration time of 4.3 hours.

More data was captured earlier in the week but I had to bin it. Whilst the scope was guiding well I came across flexure for the first time and over the course of a night I watched my images drift consistently in one direction. The next day "Operation Tighten Everything" kicked in and that night I hoped I had solved the issue but sadly I hadn’t.

"Operation Acquire an OAG” was a challenge and solved with an eBay purchase. Then “Operation How The Hell Do I Use This Thing” started. Nothing new there!

The rest as they say is history and “Stella” as my RC8 is now known continues to throw out challenges. But when you can get this close to M82, I don’t really care.


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