Observation by Hugh Allen: Nova Cas 2021 animation2

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Hugh Allen


Hugh Allen


2021 Apr 24 - 21:30


2021 Apr 30 - 21:39


Nova Cas 2021

  • 8" Meade LX90, Alpy 600 spectroscope, Atik 314L camera, BASS software

At least 10 x 300sec exposures


Oakhill, Somerset UK

Target name

Nova Cas 2021 (V1405 Cas)


Nova Cas 2021 animation2

About this image

This animation complements my previous image but this time zoomed onto the yellow-red end of the spectrum. Here, there are no emerging FeII emission lines. Instead, the weakening HeI lines are beautifully displayed. There is even a faint but distinctive set of silicon lines, along with interesting structure coming and going at the base of the intense hydrogen alpha emission. Strictly the comparison of emission line strengths should be made in absolute rather than relative flux but the magnitude variation across the animation is relatively small so relative flux gives a pretty good approximation that is also easier to watch.

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