Observation by Gary Poyner: V1112 Per (Nova Per 2020)

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Gary Poyner


Gary Poyner


2021 May 01 - 13:14


2021 May 01 - 13:28


Nova Per 2020
Variable star

  • 10x50B
  • 22cm Newtonian
  • 51cm Newtonian
  • COAST remote telescope C14 and V filter
  • SLOOH Canary 2 unfiltered

Birmingham and Tenerife

Target name

V1112 Per (Nova Per 2020)


V1112 Per (Nova Per 2020)

About this image

As I lose the field for V1112 Per in the May evening sky, I thought it was a good time to upload the light curve from discovery on Nov 25, 2020.  

The Nova has shown some colour changes, as is apparent from the difference between CV, V and visual data.  

From February 2021 the Nova has been gradually rising in brightness, and by the end of April had risen by two magnitudes to reach it's January 2021 level whilst on it's decline.  I'll be keen to pick the field up again as soon as possible in the Summer morning sky to see what further surprises this Nova may have for us.

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