Observation by Peter Anderson: Observatory house roof 1981

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Peter Anderson


Peter Anderson


1981 May 02 - 06:59


2021 May 02 - 07:12



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Brisbane Australia

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Observatory house roof 1981

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My observatory and its instruments became operational in January 1980, but it took around a year for finalisation of the painting and fitout. This photo, taken from the house roof shows the completed appearance in 1981. Apart from a ventilator on the roof and paving the entry area, the roof was painted in 2017 with a heat reflective membrane. The interior had been getting uncomfortably warm during the daytime as the sheetmetal roof aged and reflected less of the sunlight. A photograph of the 2017 view of the observatory from the north-east has previously been posted to this site, but I did not have a recent one from the south. I corrected that today and the next image shows the observatory from the south-west.

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