Observation by Peter Anderson: My Observatory in May 2021

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Peter Anderson


Peter Anderson


2021 May 02 - 07:13


2021 May 02 - 07:25



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Brisbane, Australia

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My Observatory in May 2021

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Current photo of my observatory from the south-west. (Compare with the previous.)  The log rounds at the entry shown in the previous image had long since disintegrated and been replaced by pavers. This shows the southern face with the entry door and a general repaint of the blockwork will soon be necessary.

The design was once facetiously described as being similar to a Council public toilet block!  Rather than being insulted, I took this as a compliment, - being functional and designed to last with little maintenance.  And indeed it has...

However comparing the 1981 and 2021 images it struck me that perhaps observatories may also be akin to dog droppings and cruise ships: They tend to go white with age!

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