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Observation by Mazin Younis: Splendid Comet Atlas

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Mazin Younis


Mazin Younis


2021 May 02 - 01:00


2021 May 02 - 18:35


C/2020 R4

  • Skywatcher Quattro Newtonian f/4

1.8hrs - 110 subs @ 60s each


Hale Barnes, Manchester

Target name

C/2020 R4 (Atlas)


Splendid Comet Atlas

About this image

Yesterday, Comet C/2020 R4 (Atlas) was absolutely splendid. As the comet was (jumping) every 60s, I organised an after-midnight online outreach session with my FB fans who followed the movement of the comet for a whole hour via Facebook Live broadcast.

Viewers also noticed the comet passing very close to the weird streak-shaped galaxy UGC 8630 of mag14.3 which was clear in a 60s exposure. I will publish other photos of the comet showing a nice field of galaxies.

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Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2021 May 02 - 21:01 UTC

Hi Mazin,

That's a very nice image of the comet.  How big is the field of view? It's difficult to judge how big the comet appears without any stars in the field.



David Swan
David Swan, 2021 May 02 - 21:33 UTC

Congrats Mazin for this recent capture of R4 in its new state. Unfortunately it has been clouding over at night where I am - very irritating!

Mazin Younis
Mazin Younis, 2021 May 03 - 02:38 UTC

Thanks Mike, also this is a cropped image. I will go back to the original one and provide you with the scale.

Mazin Younis
Mazin Younis, 2021 May 03 - 02:40 UTC

Thanks David, you shouldn't miss this comet, it will look great with your RASA 8.

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