Observation by Paul Leyland: Albiorix (Saturn XXVI)

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Paul Leyland


Paul Leyland


2020 Sep 13 - 23:10


2021 May 03 - 17:55



  • 0.4m Dilworth Relay
  • Starlight Xpress 814 Trius Pro

62x60s unfiltered subs, stacked on mean motion of satellite


Tacande Observatory, MPC J22

Target name

Albiorix (Saturn XXVI)


Albiorix (Saturn XXVI)

About this image

Albiorix was discovered in 2000 and named in 2003. It is around 30km in diameter, about half that of the M25 motorway.

The stars are trailed because the subs were stacked on the moving satellite. The faint trailed star marked on the image is magnitude 20.86 in Gaia EDR3. The marked object is not obviously trailed, lies in precisely the predicted position and has a brightness in line with the V=21.5 predicted by the MPC ephemeris. No asteroids were predicted in that position at that time, neither is there anything in the DSS2, though the star is visible there.  Accordingly I take that as a success, despite the admittedly low signal to noise.


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