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Observation by Graeme Coates: LBN691 - Faint Wisps in Ursa Major

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Graeme Coates


Graeme Coates


2021 Mar 01 - 00:00


2021 May 05 - 14:51



Planetarium overlay


Ursa Major

Field centre

RA: 09h30m
Dec: +66°11'
Position angle: -6°15'

Field size

1°48' × 2°25'

  • Skywatcher Esprit 80ED
  • MI-250
  • STF8300M
  • Baader LRGB filters

30.7hr total exposure



Target name



LBN691 - Faint Wisps in Ursa Major

About this image

LBN691, first catalogued by Lynds (1965) and later discovered to be an emitter of radiation from CO molecules (wavelength = 2.6mm) and catalogued as MBM32, is seen as a large area of faint galactic cirrus. This field is in Ursa Major to the south-west of galactic pairing M81 and M82.

Just cropped off field to the north east (top left) is the mag 7.5 star HD 83126, whose yellow light intrudes into the field of view. Some small galaxies exist in the background of the field, far behind the tenuous gas, with only one single entry in the NGC catalogue (NGC2909) in view: shrouded by the main area of LBN691, this is not a distant island of stars, but instead a pair in our own galaxy.

Image acquired Feb/March 2021.
Acquisition: G Coates & P Tribe
Processing: G Coates

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