Observation by Graeme Coates: Cone and Surrounds

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Graeme Coates


Graeme Coates


2021 Mar 15 - 00:00


2021 May 12 - 15:47


The Christmas Tree Cluster (NGC2264)
Hubble's Variable Nebula (NGC2261)
Barnard 39

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Field centre

RA: 06h41m
Dec: +09°45'
Position angle: -5°04'

Field size

1°54' × 2°31'

  • Skywatcher Esprit 80ED
  • MI-250
  • STF8300M
  • Baader RGB
  • Chroma 3nm HA

17hr total



Target name

Cone Nebula


Cone and Surrounds

About this image

A huge area of star formation in Monoceros: this view encompasses the well known Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree cluster (NGC2264), as well as the large textured Fox Fur Nebula and to the lower right (south-west) enigmatic Hubble's Variable Nebula (NGC2261) which is illuminated by the young star R Monocerotis.

There are large amounts of hydrogen emission in the region, and this shows apparent shock fronts, and dark clouds such as LDN 1610 to the north west of the Fox Fur Nebula.

This is an RGB+HA image of the region taken Mar/Apr 2021 from E-EYE, just managing to scrape in enough exposure before it disappeared into the sunset for the season. 

Acquisition: P Tribe & G Coates
Processing: G Coates

Total: 17hrs (RGB = 2h40min ea; HA = 9h)

EDIT: Tried to be a bit more sympathetic to the HA and dark boundaries.

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