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Observation by Raffaello: Domes in Milichius-T. Mayer-Hortensius

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2021 May 23 - 06:07


2021 May 23 - 06:10


The Moon

  • Mak Cassegrain 18 cm

Rome Italy


Domes in Milichius-T. Mayer-Hortensius

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Lunar domes formed during the terminal phases of lunar eruptions and mostly occur in the maria. These volcanic constructs, formed during the later stages of volcanic episode on the Moon, characterized by a decreasing rate of lava extrusion and comparably low eruption temperatures, resulted in the formation of effusive domes. Most lunar domes are hemispherical and have summit pits and were formed by outpouring of magma from a central vent (effusive eruption). The image displays some domes in Milichius-T. Mayer-Hortensius region. Mak Cassegrain 18 cm 

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