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Observation by Luigi Morrone: Venus NIR

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Luigi Morrone


Luigi Morrone


2021 May 29 - 15:57


2021 May 31 - 18:03



  • C14 Edge HD Fornax52 mount ASI 290mono Barlow Zeiss Baader IR1000nm

Agerola - Amalfitan Coast -Italy


Venus NIR

About this image

My first Image for this elongation taken under average seeing conditions in the near infrared wavelength. The planet diameter results to be still quite small. Some cloud  features, located in the low atmoshere of Venus, can be seen.

Setup: C14 Edge HD, Fornax52 mount, ASI 290 mono, Barlow Zeiss, IR1000nm

Agerola-Amalfitan Coast- Italy

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