Observation by Tim Haymes: the Firework Galaxy

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Tim Haymes


Tim Haymes


2021 May 30 - 23:35


2021 Jun 02 - 17:42


The Fireworks Galaxy (NGC6946)

  • 30cm F/4
  • QHY174m
  • SharpCap 3.2
  • EQ8

45s x 14 subs


North Oxfordshire

Target name

NGC 6946 in Cygnus


the Firework Galaxy

About this image

A favourite summer galaxy of mine.  Dark and bias frames applied with gain set at 180/480. This is about unity gain with this camera with a well depth of 50,000e.  The telescope is on an EQ8 without autoguiding.  The galaxy is well known for the number of past SNe detected.

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