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Observation by Mark Radice: Jupiter 9 June 2021

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Mark Radice


Mark Radice


2021 Jun 09 - 03:16


2021 Jun 09 - 09:59



  • Celestron C11
  • ADC
  • ZWO ASI224MC
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Jupiter 9 June 2021

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Getting up early to observe the largest planet in the solar system is always a pleasure – even if the alarm goes off at 0300. The seeing was pretty good despite the big fella's low altitude, the morning mist and the brightening sky so we could see:

·        Great Red Spot exiting stage left

·        Shadow of Jupiter’s moon Europa entering stage right – Europa itself is out of field of view

·        2 dark barges in North Equatorial Band (NEB)

·        NEB itself darker with darker central band

·        Southern Equatorial Band (SEB) pale.

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