Observation by Nick James: Nova Her 2021

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Nick James


Nick James


2021 Jun 12 - 22:57


2021 Jun 13 - 07:35


Nova Her 2021

  • ASI6200MM + Celestron HD11



Chelmsford, UK


Nova Her 2021

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My image of the new Nova Her 2021 taken last night overlaid on the PANSTARRS field. I measure the nova's position as 18:57:30.97, +16:53:39.5 (Gaia DR2, J2000) which is the intersection of the cross on the PANSTARRS image. The star there is Gaia EDR3 4514092717838547584 which has a G mag of 19.95. I get the nova's magnitude last night as 5.9 (unfiltered, G mag) so if that star is the progenitor that is a rise of 14 mags.

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