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Observation by Tor Schofield: Mare Crisium and Cleomedes

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Tor Schofield


Tor Schofield


2021 Jul 12 - 20:39


2021 Jul 12 - 20:45


The Moon

  • Bresser 70/900 EL Refractor Telescope and Iphone 12

Maria Alm, Hochkönig Massif, Austrian Alps.

Target name

Lunar Mare and Crater


Mare Crisium and Cleomedes

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Bresser 70/900 EL Refractor Telescope and Iphone 12, Maria Alm, Hochkönig Massif, Austrian Alps.

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Tor Schofield
Tor Schofield, 2021 Jul 12 - 21:03 UTC

Travelled to Austria from Denmark and taking advantage of free delivery from Germany to Austria and a good price contacted Bresser who have been excellent and delivered my first telescope (‘I’m walking before I can run’) and while enjoying trekking the Austrian Alps and in particular the Hochkönig Massif, tonight grabbed my first lunar image.

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