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Observation by Jim Tomney: Jupiter 2021-07-23-0428

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Jim Tomney


Jim Tomney


2021 Jul 23 - 16:28


2021 Jul 24 - 00:12



  • 25cm f/6 Newtonian
  • TeleVue PowerMate Barlow 2.5x
  • ImageSource DFK21AU042 camera

60 fps


Towson, MD US

Target name



Jupiter 2021-07-23-0428

About this image

Stayed up to image Jupiter shortly after midnight local time given the forecast for good seeing condition. The skies had about 40% high thin clouds but for the first 30 minutes the seeing was a bit above average (6-7/10). Roughly 11.5K frames eventually distilled down to roughly 2,800 stacked using AutoStakkert3 and adjusted using Photoshop.

Based on the map posted by BAA, my assessment is that we have NN-LRS-1 approaching the CM with a couple of disturbances to its N (one preceding, two following). Three barges are seen in NEBn and possibly a NEBn AWO just past CM. The SEBs is scalloped, likely evidence of rings. Farther south we see Oval BA on the CM and WS6 above (N) and preceding it. The "string of pearls" (A1-A5) that were seen preceding Oval BA in images earlier in the month are no longer clearly seen in the view this evening. DS7 ("Clyde's Spot") seems to be spreading out and retaining its dark coloration.

Very happy to have this 10" scope back in service after a long hiatus - just in time for Jupiter's coming opposition!

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