Observation by Tor Schofield: Theopilus, Cyrillus and Catharina near t...

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Tor Schofield


Tor Schofield


2021 Jul 14 - 19:00


2021 Jul 28 - 13:52


The Moon

  • Derwent graphic pencils 2H, H and B. Bresser reflector telescope.

Maria Alm, Hochkönig Massif, Austria.

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The Moon


Theopilus, Cyrillus and Catharina near to Mare Nectaris

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Lunar sketch from an observation on 14th July using my Bresser reflector telescope in Maria Alm, Austrian Alps. The sketch was made using Derwent 2H, H and B graphic pencils. I’m just starting out observing the moon and have really learnt a lot about this crater complex. My knowledge of the moon grows daily and so many unanswered questions about the moon remain.

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Andy Wilson
Andy Wilson, 2021 Jul 30 - 14:54 UTC

Wonderful sketch! One of my favourite areas of the Moon.

I find I see a lot more detail when I sketch an object as it forces me to concentrate on the details. The main problem I find is too much detail to faithfully sketch with my limited ability.

Tor Schofield
Tor Schofield, 2021 Aug 05 - 17:41 UTC

Andy, Thank you. I enjoyed making this sketch very much, but I am only starting out although I have learnt a lot about sketching already. It’s great to receive some very encouraging comments. I am looking forward to seeing the moon, so I can begin observing again and sketching. In the meantime I have ordered some extras for my telescope, which I’m looking forward to using.

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