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Observation by Chris Mead: First Light - M57

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Chris Mead


Chris Mead


2021 Jul 19 - 23:30


2021 Jul 29 - 13:38


The Ring Nebula (M57)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 18h53m
Dec: +33°01'
Position angle: -31°26'

Field size

0°17' × 0°13'

  • Celestron EdgeHD 8"
  • Celestron OAG
  • ZWO ASI1600MM Pro
  • ZWO LRGB filters
  • ZWO ASI290MM mini for guiding

Lum 5x60secs, Red 5x90secs, Green 5x90Secs, Blue 4x90secs


Wrentham, Suffolk

Target name

M57 Ring Nebula


First Light - M57

About this image

First use of my new EdgeHD 8" and OAG. Moon was bright and time was short between clouds so wasn't expecting a great image but very pleased with the result as it indicated that plate solving with ASTAP and guiding was working. Also first use of PixInsight - lots to learn!

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