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Observation by Jim Tomney: Jupiter 2021-07-28-0435

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Jim Tomney


Jim Tomney


2021 Jul 28 - 04:35


2021 Aug 01 - 01:08



  • 25cm f/6 Newtonian
  • ImageSource DFK21AU042 camera

60 fps


Towson, MD US

Target name



Jupiter 2021-07-28-0435

About this image


Was out early Wednesday morning imaging Jupiter amid slightly better than average seeing (6/10) and not very good transparency (3/6), probably partially due to the smoke from the wildfires out west. Io’s shadow was about to roll off the cloud tops at the start of the session, and in this shot the moon itself soon appeared.  

There a barge in the NEBn is approaching CM, while another is setting. There was a surprisingly strong band in the NPR, and I believe it may be the NN-LRS preceding that band. In the SSTB there is a white spot, possibly A7?

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