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Observation by Alan Snook: 14-inch AE telescope assembly - dress re...

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Alan Snook


Alan Snook


2021 Aug 06 - 16:37


2021 Aug 06 - 16:39




14-inch AE telescope assembly - dress rehersal 3

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Nick James
Nick James, 2021 Aug 07 - 09:26 UTC

Looks very nice. I had one of those AE D type equatorials in my garage for around 5 years waiting for me to get around to refurbishing it but I never did. It had been used to mount a solar radiometer on the roof of our building at work and had been in the weather for around 15 years so was in a pretty bad state. It is a very solid mount.

Alan Snook
Alan Snook, 2021 Aug 09 - 10:06 UTC

Sounds like you no longer have it Nick. It's suprising how well the castings scrub up in a blast cleaner. And all the bearings are straightforward to renew, all still easily available even though they are Imperial sizes. It felt very solid when I walked into it the other day. 

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