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Observation by Grant Privett: A Harvest Moon

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Grant Privett


Grant Privett


2021 Aug 17 - 20:07


2021 Aug 18 - 21:54


The Moon

  • Canon M3 + 85mm lens + polariser
  • Luck

Auto but about 800ISO and 1/200th sec


Broad Chalke

Target name

Moon near sunset


A Harvest Moon

About this image

I was lucky enough to spot this harvester on a ridge in Broad Chalke. It was illuminated in an entirely unexpected blue sky (dull afternoon) and a reddening sun. The cut corn was deep, deep red - especially so because the camera I had with me had its polariser on - I had forgotten to put it away after the last time I used the camera.

The photo was taken in a rush and only 4 frames, one of those blurred, were caught before it ended up behind a telegraph pole and went over the ridge. I wish I had seen it earlier when it was facing the sun, but with the drone of the combines a continual thing the last few days, you just don't notice.


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Nick James
Nick James, 2021 Aug 18 - 22:42 UTC

Yes, the last few days they have been very busy on fields hereabouts and they work on into the night with very bright lights on the front. Where do all of the combine harvesters go for the rest of the year? 

Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2021 Aug 19 - 09:38 UTC

Perhaps they are migratory?

What do you think the air speed is of an unladen combine?

Nick James
Nick James, 2021 Aug 19 - 16:06 UTC

I guess it depends on what you launch it from.

Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2021 Oct 15 - 22:59 UTC

Doesn't so much fly as plummet.

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