Observation by Peter Anderson: Europa Ganymede eclipse and graze 16th A...

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Peter Anderson


Peter Anderson


2021 Aug 16 - 20:30


2021 Aug 22 - 11:07



  • C14 with 2X Barlow lens projected and Canon 90D DSLR

From 1/8 sec to 1/30 sec adjusted


Brisbane, Australia

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Jovian Moons Europa, Ganymede, Callisto


Europa Ganymede eclipse and graze 16th Aug 2021

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The 15 images, from the left to the right in three rows of 5 images were taken between 09hrs 55min UT and 11hrs 11min UT on 16th August 2021 and record Europa at the top approaching Ganymede (centre). As it approached, it entered Ganymede's shadow and disappeared. It re- emerged from the shadow very close to Ganymede and passed to the left side, the images just grazing each other. The series stops as it was drawing away. (Check it out on 'Stellarium'.) Conditions were quite mediocre with a humid south-east airflow. DSLR imaging of this type does not produce the resolution of video methods but it is nevertheless a record of the event. The larger physical size of Ganymede compared to the smaller and brighter surface of Europa is quite apparent. 

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