Observation by Paul Leyland: Leda, or Jupiter XIII

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Paul Leyland


Paul Leyland


2021 Aug 28 - 22:25


2021 Aug 29 - 23:15



  • 0.4m Dilworth Relay
  • Starlight Xpress 814 Trius Pro
  • No filter

940s in 29 subs


Tacande Observatory, MPC J22

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Leda, aka Jupiter XIII


Leda, or Jupiter XIII

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I have long wanted to image Leda because I read about its discovery in 1974 when I was still a teenager and it was the first Jovian satellite to be found in quite a long time.  Unfortunately I always ran into problems imaging it in the current and in previous two oppositions, for reasons which I never really understood. Finally, last night was successful.

The left image shows a trailed satellite because the subs were stacked on the stars. The right shows the result of stacking on the satellite which is now circular and the stars are trailed. According to the MPC, Leda had a magnitude of V=19.6 at the time of observation.

Incidentally,  Praxidike (J-XXVII) seems to have taken on the bug-bear role --- severe instrumental problems which were completely absent from the Leda observation ruined 50% of its observing time. Had all gone well I am sure it would have also shown up despite being two magnitudes fainter than Leda. But I digress ...

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