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Observation by Chris Hooker: Jupiter 6th September 2021

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Chris Hooker


Chris Hooker


2021 Sep 06 - 22:16


2021 Sep 09 - 19:56



  • OMC200 20cm Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • ADC
  • ZWO ASI462MC camera & IR-cut filter

10 ms @F/20


Didcot, Oxfordshire

Target name



Jupiter 6th September 2021

About this image

A montage of images of Jupiter in fairly good seeing, Ant III, occasionally II. Io is visible in the first two images, having completed a transit and shadow transit while still hidden from my observing location. The GRS was rotating off the disk, but a variety of features are still visible in the belts.

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Nick White
Nick White, 2021 Sep 13 - 16:29 UTC

When viewing these on my mobile phone, it is possible to relax my eyes so as to make the bottom two images overlap. The result is a rather three dimensional looking image. 

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