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Observation by Chris Hooker: Jupiter white spots, 15th September 2021

Uploaded by

Chris Hooker


Chris Hooker


2021 Sep 15 - 22:17


2021 Sep 16 - 14:06



  • OMC200 20cm Mak-Cass
  • ADC
  • ZWO ASI462MC camera & IR-cut filter

10 ms @ F/20


Didcot, Oxfordshire

Target name



Jupiter white spots, 15th September 2021

About this image

Two images of Jupiter in fair seeing, Ant III, but varying transparency due to high cloud. After processing, I noticed two white ovals near the GRS, one of which is particularly bright. These features do not appear on any of my earlier images this month, or in images from other observers posted recently on this site. Neither of the spots was a moon in transit across Jupiter: all four Galilean moons were well to the east or west of the planet. 

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Geof Lewis
Geof Lewis, 2021 Sep 17 - 10:00 UTC

Hi Chris, these are very nice images. I captured those white spots close to the GRS in my recent series of 4 images from 15 September, which I uploaded yesterday. They are definitely surface features as they rotated together with the GRS during the session. Cheers, Geof

Chris Hooker
Chris Hooker, 2021 Sep 17 - 17:16 UTC

Thanks, Geof. I noticed you'd caught them on your images as well. I have a short window for observing Jupiter between a house and a tree, so I only get to see the GRS about once every three days. I don't know when these spots first appeared, but they are not on Peter Tickner's image from the evening of the 11th, so it must have been after that.

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