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Observation by Peter Tickner: Venus four ways

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Peter Tickner


Peter Tickner


2021 Sep 15 - 17:21


2021 Sep 17 - 17:26



  • ZWO ASI174MM and ASI290MM
  • fused silica custom-made Barlow and Televue 2x Barlow
  • IR pass 807nm and 1000nm, U Venus 350nm
  • 14inch f/10 LX200ACF SCT

Urban Berkshire

Target name



Venus four ways

About this image

From the same afternoon as my Mercury image and using the new custom made fused silica Barlow on Venus to capture clouds in UV as well as images through two IR pass filters using two different cameras (the 174MM is more sensitive in UV and the 290MM more sensitive in IR).   Also an opportunity to estimate the image multiplication obtained with the new home-made (courtesy of a colleague) Barlow which despite having bought what I thought was the right concave glass for 2x, I seem to be getting nearer 3x with it!


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Ron Palgrave
Ron Palgrave , 2021 Sep 27 - 15:06 UTC

I have only recently become aware of the advantage that fused silica seems to promise so far as Venus in UV is concerned. Can I follow your footprints in the sand and asked where you sourced the lens from?

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