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Observation by Grant Privett: Ghost Nebula with Lodestar and 114mm

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Grant Privett


Grant Privett


2021 Oct 03 - 22:25


2021 Oct 05 - 22:34



  • SkyWatcher f/5 114mm Newtonian
  • Lodestar autoguider
  • NEQ6

120x 30s


Near Salisbury

Target name

Ghost Nebula


Ghost Nebula with Lodestar and 114mm

About this image

As I have given my 250mm to an old friend and am awaiting delivery of its replacement, I have been playing about with my 114mm guidescope. It cannot take a 2" camera, so I am using it with a Lodestar uncooled guider. Its not a great system, with 3.9 arcsec pixels and a noisy sensor, but good enough for the brighter deep sky objects.

But I decided to go after something a bit dim. So, attached is an hours worth of the Ghost Nebula. With this set up it needs at least 3 times as long, but its not bad and does suggest I will be going after this again when the new scope arrives. 

I wonder if I could catch a KBO with this system...

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