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Observation by Peter Tickner: Jupiter OSC and RGB comparison 17th Octo...

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Peter Tickner


Peter Tickner


2021 Oct 17 - 19:20


2021 Oct 18 - 15:39



  • ZWO ASI290MM and ASI 462MC
  • 2.5x PowerMate + ADC
  • 14inch f/10 LX200ACF SCT

Urban Berkshire

Target name

Jupiter and the Great Red Spot


Jupiter OSC and RGB comparison 17th October

About this image

When Jupiter has moon or shadow transits it is clearly better to use a OSC camera rather than mono RGB but I had got too comfortable with the ease of using the OSC (the highly sensitive in IR ZWO ASI462) and had overlooked the enhanced detail that can be captured using a mono camera set-up, in this case the comparable on pixel and image size ZWO ASI290MM.   Seeing was a little jumpy on 17th October but in a brief window I was able to capture some usable OSC colour and then RGB and IR in the sets with the RGB sets combined as RRGB with red also the luminance channel then as IR (for luminance channel) +RGB.   The results are clear, even on an average seeing night. The mono RGB camera (ASI290MM) outperforms the ASI462MC on detail with or without added IR data.   All sets have been matched to comparable total image times.


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