Observation by Brad Thomas: Caldwell 34 - West Veil and Pickerings T...

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Brad Thomas


Brad Thomas


2021 Nov 01 - 00:41


2021 Nov 03 - 01:45


The Western Veil Nebula (NGC6960)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 20h47m
Dec: +31°00'
Position angle: -90°01'

Field size

2°00' × 1°21'

  • Skywatcher 72ed APO with 0.85 Reducer / Flattener
  • ASI 183mc Pro
  • ZWO 30mm mini guide scope
  • ASI 290mc guide camera
  • EQM-35 pro mount
  • Optolong L-enhance

240secs x 150gain x 30offset - 70 Exposures


Surbiton UK

Target name

Caldwell 34


Caldwell 34 - West Veil and Pickerings Triangle

About this image
First run with my new Electronic Field Rotator
First night out with newly rebuilt Laptop upgrade
And First go at processing with Pixinsight
Only one minor issue - nearly garrotted my camera when the field rotator went a bit nuts when i didn't set it's zero position correctly - thankfully no apparent damage done
Great night of guiding despite not ideal high cloud conditions
Managed 4.5 hours on the West Veil Nebula and Pickerings Triangle
Skywatcher 72ed with 0.85 reducer / flattener
ASI 183mc Pro cooled to -10deg
Zwo 30mm mini guide scope
ASI 290mc guide camera
DSD Electronic Field Rotator
EQM-35 pro mount
240secs x 150gain x 30 offset - 70 exposures
Optolong L-enhance
NINA, PHD2, APP, PixInsight
Thanks to a helpful tutorial - fairly pleased with the result but sure there is room for improvement
Shot in London Bortle 8
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