Observation by Richard Sargent: Suspected small change to Hind's Variabl...

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Richard Sargent


Richard Sargent


2021 Oct 30 - 23:16


2021 Nov 05 - 16:07



  • C14 at f7 and Atik 460EX camera

20 x 1 minute exposures in each case



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Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555


Suspected small change to Hind's Variable Nebula

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Comparing my image of NGC 1555 taken on 30/10/21 (see previous post) with one I took earlier this year on 6th January I thought I could see a small increase in nebulosity just to the SW of the star T Tauri which illuminates the nebula. Comparison of other images taken earlier this year with others taken the last two nights seem to confirm the small change. This animation (if it works!) shows in close up the apparent change between 6th January and 30th October. Both images taken and processed similarly. Other imagers of this object are invited to review their images to see if there has been a small change. North is up and East to the left in the images.

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Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2021 Nov 05 - 17:37 UTC

Thats a nice animation.

How often have you imaged it this year?

By chance I took some very low res data (114mm aperture and Lodestar) a few days ago. It just jumped to the top of the list of datasets to process this weekend!

Richard Sargent
Richard Sargent, 2021 Nov 05 - 20:13 UTC

Thanks Grant. So far this year I've only imaged it 7 times. I have imaged it a lot more in the past but this year I've done more on the other variable nebulae, particularly PV Cep.

Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2021 Nov 06 - 15:00 UTC

Hi Richard,

That's very nice and quite a rapid change in this nebula.  I've imaged the second prong of the southern arm before, see for example 2013 and 2018 and 2013 to 2019.

Looks like Hind's VNe needs some more regular/frequent observations(?). From your other images did it appear to change gradually or relatively quickly?

You mention that you've been observing PV Cep.  I would be very interested to see your results. 


Richard Sargent
Richard Sargent, 2021 Nov 06 - 21:38 UTC

Thanks Mike. As far as the change is concerned all I can say is that it occurred sometime between 9/4/21 and 29/10/21. My image on 9th April does not show the second 'prong' but the image from 29th October does. I will continue to image the nebula and I hope others will too so that we can see the timescale of the changes. I've sent my PV Cep images to Callum but happy to copy to you, presumably via your email?


Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2021 Nov 07 - 08:00 UTC

Thanks Richard,

Regarding PV Cep and Gyulbudaghian's nebula, thanks for offering to forward your observations to me but perhaps you could post more images on your members page?  I'm sure I'm not the only member that would like to see more of your results for that fascinating little nebula.


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