Observation by Peter Tickner: Venus - four wavelengths and two cameras

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Peter Tickner


Peter Tickner


2021 Nov 07 - 14:00


2021 Nov 08 - 17:43



  • ZWO ASI178MM and ASI462MC
  • IR 807 nm pass, UVenus, IR 1000 nm and custom IR narrowband (1010nm +/-10nm)
  • 14inch f/10 LX200ACF SCT
  • EQ8 mount

Urban Berkshire

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Venus - four wavelengths and two cameras

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Venus cleared my local horizon for 45minutes before being blocked by obstructions, just about reaching 11 degrees altitude as I lost it from view. These are my best videos processed in that time, first with the mono ASI178 at 807 nm then UVenus (350 nm).  The UVenus was very faint and barely registering, then the ASI 462MC with its good sensitivity in higher IR.  I could run at 125 frames per second (8 ms) both with the 1000 nm long pass and the custom 1010 narrowband filter which in fact gave the nicest result of the lot, although its primary purpose is not for dayside Venus imaging.

The ASI462MC images have been increased by 20% in size to match the size of the images from the ASI178MM camera.


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