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Observation by Loyd Overcash: NGC 1365

Uploaded by

Paul Downing, FRAS


Loyd Overcash


2021 Oct 29 - 18:00


2021 Nov 27 - 10:18



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Field centre

RA: 03h33m
Dec: -36°08'
Position angle: -90°48'

Field size

0°36' × 0°23'

  • 14.5 inch RC scope
  • ZWO-2400mcp camera

66 minutes in 3 minute sub frames


Fort Davis, Texas, USA

Target name

NGC 1365


NGC 1365

About this image

NGC-1365 is a barred spiral galaxy in the constellation of Fornax and it has been one of my favourite galaxies since we lived in the USA and were able to image it. The galaxy has two large, prominent spiral arms that form the shape of the letter Z.  Loyd took this image on 10-29-21 from his Fort Davis, Texas observatory.  He used a ZWO-2400mcp camera with his 14.5" RCOS telescope and total exposure was 66 minutes taken in 3 minute subs.

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