Observation by Graham Roberts: M45 The Pleiades

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Graham Roberts


Graham Roberts


2021 Nov 04 - 19:15


2021 Dec 21 - 13:51


The Pleiades (M45)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 03h47m
Dec: +24°10'
Position angle: -89°31'

Field size

1°50' × 1°48'


Redhill, Surrey


M45 The Pleiades

About this image

I have imaged this popular open star cluster before but with astrophotography and exciting objects such as the Pleiades, one is always drawn back for another try.  Now armed with new Chroma filters, better PHD2 multi-star guiding and a growing list of PixInsight skills since last imaged late in 2018, I wanted to tease out more details of the fine wispy dust cloud through which the Sisters are passing and forms the signature of all good Pleiades’ images.  Furthermore, with longer exposures and total integration time greater than before, maybe I could also capture something of the abundant interstellar dust that is present across the wider background.


For addional image details please refer to my wesbsite here: https://watchthisspaceman.wordpress.com/2021/12/21/reach-for-the-stars/


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