Observation by Nick James: JWST Ariane upper stage at 1.1 million k...

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Nick James


Nick James


2022 Jan 05 - 22:20


2022 Jan 05 - 23:45



  • ASI6200MM + Celestron HD11

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Chelmsford, UK

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JWST Ariane upper stage at 1.1 million km

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The upper stage of the Ariane rocket that launched JWST on Christmas day is now over a million km out from Earth (1.08 million to be precise) and is around mag 17.4. It is heading for a 380 day heliocentric orbit and it should fade below mag 20 in early February. The magnitude of JWST varies quite a bit since it is highly dependent on the angle that the sunshade makes with the sun and us. It was around 14.2 tonight. Deployment is still going very well and the secondary mirror support structure is now locked in place. Injection of JWST into an L2 halo orbit will take place around Jan 25.

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